Privacy and Policies


The website and services which are provided are subject to the Zarorat Terms of Use. By accessing, using, or browsing the website you are actually agreeing to the terms and usage. You understand and agree that this website has its own standards which have to be followed.

2.Description of service and content policy

Zarorat Classified is the current generation of online ads. We are an online platform for buyers and sellers and make sure that both the parties can blend really well with eachother with respect to whatever they are trading.

3.Feature Ads

This is an additional feature of the website through which users can also pay a non refundable fee in order to have their ads published on the website.


You have to agree that you wont post any content or resource which might be somebody else’s property and might call for a copyright claim if something matches.

5.Paid Postings

Zarorat classified might charge money to post content in some areas of the service.

6.Posting Agents

Posting agent refers to third party or an agent who posts on behalf of some other person or company.  Zarorat Classified doesn’t allow any third party to post on behalf of others.

7.License to access the service

Zarorat classified allows you limited access to use and access the service for personal use.

8.Notification of claims of infringements

Zarorat Classified is not responsible for any infringement of copyright claim due to the materials being posted on this site.

9.Intellectual Property Rights

You agree that whatever content is posted with logos and service marks is subject to copyright claim.

10.User Submissions

You agree that while using this website, you will be exposed to content from a variety of sources.


You agree that we are not responsible for any sort of loss which you incur as a result of fraudlent sale or anything else.

12.No spam policy

You agree tat sending unsolicited email ads or other unsolicited email through Zarorat official computer system is strictly prohibited.

13.Dealings with organizations and individuals

You agree that Zarorat classified is not responsible for the interactions which you have with other companies through this website.

14.Limitation and termination of service

You agree and accept that Zarorat may establish limits from time to time rearding the use of the service.

15.Disclaimer of warranties

You agree that the use of website and service is entirely at your own risk.

16.Limitation of Liability

In any case the stakeholders of Zarorat will not be responsible for any sort of damage that happens to you through the use of any aspect of the website.


The terms and rights must not be transferred or assigned by you but will only be assigned by without any restriction.

18.Ability to accept terms of service

The website is only for adults and can be used by people who are 18 years or plus.

19.General Information

The terms and conditions mentioned on the website are a contract between you and the website in accordance with your use of services.

20.Violation of terms and liquidated images

Please feel free to report any violation of our terms by emailing us on contacting us via direct phone call.

21.Privacy Policy

Zarorat classified is completely responsible for the information that it collects and some very intimate